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I am often times inspired by the stories in the Old Testament. Here I try to briefly describe the fiery furnace tale from Mishael's perspective.

Could I stand up to a king and refuse to bow before his golden image when I knew the outcome would be to burn to death? I would like to think so, but in reality, I am weak. Oh, to have the faith of old...

Mishael's Tale

Sitting in this cold cell
I feel so lost and all alone
Listening to the death knell
Sending shivers through my bones
I am a stranger in a strange land
To my God, I have been true
I need some comfort and a guiding hand
To help me make it through
So, on my knees, I say a prayer
Please strengthen and protect me
Save me from Nebuchadnezzar
And the fate he has chosen for me
Bring some peace to Hananiah
And some comfort to my friend
And do not forget Azzriah
Stay with him until the end
In the darkness, they have come for me
The end of my sentence draws near
Although they bind my hands before me
My face shall not betray my fear
I can feel the flames around me
Getting hotter with every bellow stroke
The mighty guards that would toss me
Start to burn and then to smoke
When suddenly in front of me
An Angel of Light appears
And wraps his loving wings around me
And drives away my fears
The kings sees four where should see three
And the flames begin to part
Nebuchadnezzar Drops down to his knees
And has a change of heart
He calls us out of the fiery hell
And he blesses our God's name
Throughout his kingdom, he vows to tell
Of the God of Abraham
All of this seems so unreal
Shaking down here on my knees
Sobbing with the emotion of the surreal
My God has delivered me

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wow i read all ur poems and i think ur a great poet, i loved all ur writings

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