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Of all the poems that I have written, this one is a favorite of mine. This scene plays somewhere nearly every day. A child asking tough questions, an adult trying to answer......

One Of A Kind

A precious one of tender years
Sat crying by my side,
I asked:"Whatever can I do,
To make your tears subside?"

"I heard somebody say" said she,
"God makes us all the same,
If that is so, then all I have,
Is just a different name!"

She looked at me with her brown eyes,
And asked if this were so,
"You wipe your tears; I said to her,
I'll tell you what I know."

"Each one of us, without a doubt,
A precious piece of Art,
So do not fret, you are unique,
You were right from the start";

"Each one of us, just like the trees,
We reach a different height,
Some stay quite low, to touch the ground,
And some reach for the sky";

"Each one of us, just like the birds,
We sing a different song,
We leave the nest and fly away,
But know where we belong";

"Each one, like snowflakes falling down,
When winter has arrived,
No two are ever quite the same,
Though they may look alike";

"Each one, like pearls inside a shell,
A bright and shining treasure,
But each a deep and mystic glow,
To hold a different pleasure";

"Each one of us, just like the flowers,
Bare colors of many shades,
Each one an equal to the other,
But never quite the same";

And when it rains, my little one,
Each drop's a special tear,
That falls upon our mother earth,
Who holds us all so dear";

She left me then, this ponderous child,
I'd eased her troubled mind,
Her tears dried up, by an old man,
Each one, of a kind!
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9 Visitor Comments

I can't express what it was I liked. it just touched me. I thought it was beautifully written.
very good
This touched my heart as I have a very special brown-eyed niece who used to come to me with questions. She is older now and a beautiful young lady filled with a curosity for life. God Bless!
This is beautiful...real to life poem...
this is my first time to go into this website wolfgang hit me bullseye with this poem. its funny but with a lot of sense. more power
This poem is so true! We were created equally but each different in their own special way *_*
This is a beautiful poem that I would love to share with my grandchildren. Wolfgang is a very talented writer. He goes right to the heart. Well done!
This is so true of questions ask of youth and answered by wisdom..

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