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My interest in poetry took root in my early childhood and was nourished by my mother's readings from a tattered book of classic poems that I still possess. Poetry is a language of the heart; Unguarded words written from the very core of the human spirit without regard to appearances. We all know there is a higher plane to this existence than mere flesh and bone; and our level of awareness is increased each time we touch or are touched in spirit from that level of humanity whose name escapes our tongue. Yet we know, instinctively, that this is the entity where eternity a poet, I seek to ride such winds and write down my visions on the wing......I have also been known to write with the pen name of KnightWriter....

Flesh And Bone

What lay within mere mortal men
Is more than meets the eyes
'Twas written in immortal winds
By wiser men than I

Flesh and bone cannot atone
For those who rise above
Whose hearts are honed on sacred stones
Of hope and truth and love

'Tis they who reach the mountain peaks
From the valleys of desire
And they who speak when wisdom seeks
To teach to those inspired

They measure nay in treasures paid
Of coin cut from gold
The measure's of the pleasures of
The treasures of the soul
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4 Visitor Comments

Truly a KnightWriter treasure!
Hello dear friend I did a google search and here you are. Your words are magic, as always. LadyKaren
Randy, so good to see your work again. The Kightwriter has been missed by many. This work is so very good you have continued to write grand works I see. Thanks for sharing it, Bear.
Intense--with a classical flavor. I love it!

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