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I wrote this poem while sitting and flipping through a fashion magazine. I became disgusted and angered at the portrayal of women as objects, and at the fact that our society no longer considers a woman beautiful if she is not a size 6. I became angry for the taunting I had received as a child, and at the taunting my friends had received that drove them to eating disorders to feel popular and loved. I may be larger than a fashion model, but I still think I am attractive. And I see many other large women every day who are beautiful, because of their smile or charm. And I think it is time for society to tell these women that they are beautiful and worthy, and that they should not hide because they carry extra weight.


she is abstract beauty, not perfection
she is round and full, blossoming womanhood

she is forsaken
belittled by a hypocrite society that preaches to love, worship, and
nourish the body, yet forces masochism to maintain its jaded ideal.

but she is a goddess
unconcerned with the masses who cannot see
who tell her she is

she does not hear them
for she says beauty is unique so she does not listen
so they scream
they rage
they force her to hide
for she is dangerous

she is not like them
she is a goddess
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3 Visitor Comments

i really like this poem i dont fit in to the physique of todays society so it has really touched me. thank you.
thank you from another goddess :-)
I Really admire you. You have such a great talent, and I admire you for not letting it slip away. I love your wording. Never let anyone tell you different. Your truly something special.

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