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I wrote this after I felt that my girlfriend was not being open with me, I was depressed when I wrote this, and I just wanted her to know that I really needed her to trust me that I wouldn't hurt her.


Fragile as a lily,
it cements relationships.
Without it there can be no meaning
to the words, "I Love You",
without it all things fail,
and happiness is eroded.

As the trees in autumn
lose their leaves,
so I lose life
if trusted I am not.
I must be trusted,
for trust builds hope, and love.

Trust brings to all things
a wholeness that is sublime,
and which cannot be explained.
My complete soul screams with fear
if I am not believed.
If I am not trusted,
what can I do?
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13 Visitor Comments

A very beautiful and true to life poem.
I really Liked this poem, I found here the meaning of trust and love.
My fiance is the most wonderful, loving, caring man, he is the person I want to grow old with and he with me. His past relationships were with women that were unfaithful to him. Ironically in my past relationship I was the one that was unfaithful. We are both scarred by our past, but love each other more than life itself. Although his heart knows differently, he has fleeting moments of mistrust in his mind that he struggles and fights against. I know the Universe put us together so we could heal each other. I loved your poem because it put into words the feelings I could not seem to find the words for myself. I know intimately the feelings of depression, the fear, the frustration and futility that seem to engulf me during these difficult times. But despite all that, gratefully there is still the enduring hope that I will someday be able to answer the question at the very end of your poem. What can I do? When I do know what to do, I will not feel so helpless. Thank you very much!
I loved this poem ! I can relate to it very closely right now. I have ALWAYS said that LOVE and TRUST have to go together; if you love someone, you also have to have trust for them too.
Beautiful! I am going through a similar phase in life. entangled with cluttered thoughts of fear on how to communicate and explain things to my girlfriend any further. Hope your girlfriend understands and trusts you!
A very sincere poem. My girlfriend admitted to me last night that she can't trust me because of her past relationships, this poem put exactly how I felt into words.
I love this poem means so much to my life and trust in my friends and everyone around you
I found this poem to hold true to what I would like people do to me, but in the past my last female friend just could not bring herself to trust me.
Wonderful. Just what I needed to read at just the right moment. The truth is here in this poem.
I really like this poem because thats how my husband makes me fee.
I really like this poem because I'm in a relationship with my girl and it seem like every time we be on the phone on talking to her she think it be a female calling me when i be on the phone with her and I told her I wouldn't never do her like that because I love her deeper then an ocean. LOVE THE POEM HOPE TO READ ANOTHER DEFFERENT TUREST POEM AGAIN.
Very good work in your definition of trust. I am currently doing a study on trust and I think your poem had really helped a lot.

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