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This poem is basically about life in general and how two souls which unite can overcome anything.

The Eternal Flame Of Hope

One candle cannot burn all day,
One heart, one mind; will not exist forever.
But if love is introduced to the pair
Then hope will surely not despair.

Death creeps in at every waking moment;
Life blinds thee to the point of insanity.
But if love is introduced to the pair,
Then hope will surely not despair.

If love breeds hope, then hope breeds life;
And the fetter,
Which binds one’s soul together,
Can be broken by the flame of hope,
Which burns the candles of life and love.

For the two souls of life and death are more often than not,
In immense distraught.
But the shackles of despair and pain,
Can be broken by the flame of hope.

And if that flame burns throughout,
Then love and hope will coexist, no doubt.
Because, Death will shatter,
and Life will matter.

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5 Visitor Comments

This poem is so great it touch me a lot, i love it it so great!
I think your poem is very inspiring and it has definently inspired me.
Dude. If I had operable tear ducts, I would cry. This is so true and I really love this poem, this is goin in my personal favorites file. Okay, I gotta give you an 11/10, this is one of the best I've eer read.
I thought this was a truly beautiful poem.
If there were more guys like you in this world I would not be lonely right now.

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