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Since I have met this blue-eyed love of mine, I have visited him often in my dreams. My dream world is the place I like best right now, as the distance that separates us is far too real.

Dream World

I exist between time, living in the mist of dreams
I run to you upon green, green grass
And embrace you close with sighs and cling
Tightly to your neck.

I work away at endless tasks, writing, typing,
Accomplishments that feed into an endless sea
And I think of you,
And I think of me,
And I visit this dream world continually.

The air around is close and tight,
that leaves breathing
Hindered, claimed by fight,
But visiting my dream world leaves behind
The routine, the mundane, the scribbled notes that mean
nothing later while I slip away in time,
to when you held me so near, and I felt so free.
Within your arms I ran joyfully
to places I only heard about but had never seen.

I wonder if there will be a day when dreams will fade
And reality will play a sharper sound upon my eyes,
and I will turn to hear you say
Take my breath away for here and now,
No more returns to misty lands.

Rest here, my love and soak it in,
Immersed in the reality of love expressed
For this is the world in which you were meant to live.
This is the world you will love best.

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5 Visitor Comments

I thought it was wondeful. When I read it, it made me think..and I still am.
This poem is beautifully written.
this poem touched me deeply.
I really liked this poem!!It showed the meaning of love you can't have!!

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