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Sometimes we lay awake unable to sleep while our partner sleeps deeply beside us. I watched my angel sleeping and thought how much fun it would be if I could join her in dreamland, so she could still get the rest she needed and I could have her attention. This poem just wrote itself.

In Dreams (Marlisa)

She looks like an angel, in slumberland deep
I watch her soft breathing when I cannot sleep
It's hard not to wake her and talk through the night
while holding her close with all of my might

I wish I could enter in her dreamy sleep
Then her night's rest she'd be able to keep
while her and I frolicked and shared a sweet dance
A beautiful dream of our loving romance
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6 Visitor Comments

Never saw my name on ANYTHING before. Loved it!
This is soooooo cool I never thought anyone else had my name lol I always thought it was differnet lol nice poem by the way! Marlisa
That poem is just about the most beautiful poem that I have ever heard. My name is 'Marlisa' and when my parents read this they said that this reminds them so much about me. I would really like to meet this author and find out why he wrote this poem.
I LOVE this poem because it has my name in it and Marlisa is a very rare name.
My name is Marlisa and today I was told a baby was being named after me. I did web searches and found this poem Who is it written for? I'd love to contact her and or the author. When you search google for "Marlisa" this is just about links to me.
I believe that this poem is the one it expresses me. When i'm laying in bed at night can't sleep. And I see my man in a dreamland and wish that i could be in that dreamland with him. I hold him close and eventually i'll fall asleep.

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