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Jerome is my wonderful boyfriend. I wrote this poem because I love him so much and he's my everything.

I Love You

I love you for who you are and
The way you accept me as what I am.

I love you for understanding the
Real meaning of life that is born out
Of our love.

I love you, for we have touched
Our life with love and care.

I love you
Not only for what you have made of yourself
But what you are making of me.

I love you,
Even though we're far apart.

I love you most of all because
You're my wonderful boyfriend,
And you mean so much to me.
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28 Visitor Comments

this is the sweetest peom ever. it really relates to me and my boy friend Alan and i am so falling for him day by day. thanks for writing this i'm going to copy it and show it to him, this is so great. jess . great writing to! :)
This was an amazing poem. Love is a beautiful thing and if you can turn it into poetry then your amazing.
its how i feel about my b/f and tells other people who havent found him that this is how youll feel. i love the poem. me and ty{boyfriend} love it and hope it turns to be on the top annie&ty
i like your poem
omg! its such a wonderful poem. its explaines exactly about me and my bf, hes far away but he will always be near in my heart,and am so glad that hes the right one for me and so do i. I wish we will never be part. ( if you love me as much as i do nothing but death part us two) thanks.
I'm going to send this one to my beau, it really rings true :)
i really loved this poem b/c i let my boyfriend read it and i told this was to him he absoulty loved it
hey this is one good love poem. ashlee
this is a very great poem and it can relate to me and my boyfriend. Thanks for writting it
Hey, I really liked your poem. Really great line :"I love you Not only for what you have made of yourself But what you are making of me"
it touch me heart
chic i love ur poem dude i missed you alot hope to see you again
i love your peoms so muxh and i know how you fell about your b/f cause i feel the same about mine good work
I loveeeeeeee ure poem! its cool! thanx
is a beautiful poem, i no how you may feel about you're boyfriend because i feel the same about mine.
i really enjoyed reading this poem. this was one of the few that really touched my heart and. thanx for sharing it,
I really enjoyed reading this poem,my boyfriend is away at the police accademy and even though I know he is away for a good purpose it still hurts a great deal. This poem is going to be great to send andexpress the way I feel.
Its a great poem and I feel the same way for my boyfriend
kaddy frm singapore.& i think this poem written is just simple & sweet.Dont it just touched a few of us?= ) well done!
its a really sweet poem and its exactly how i feel about my boyfriend..this is really good!!!
I like this poem because it puts its finger right one the spot .it is very true just like true love ..great poem :)
it was so sweet!
I like dis peom alot!
I can understand it and relate it very well to my own love.
i love this poem cause it says how i feel for my boyfriend. we live far apart from one another and i sent it to him so he knows i love with. the poem say how i feel towards him. i think this poem is the best.
very common but sweet
This poem is very simple but yet very touching and meaningful which everyone can relate to when they are deeplt in love with each other.

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