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I wrote this poem because my notes to my boyfriend went unanswered until I stopped writing him. After I stopped writing him he wrote me everyday.

Notes To You

Two notes to you,
You don't write,
You don't call,
You don't even say I Love You!

One note to you,
You don't write,
You don't call,
You don't even say I Love You!

No notes to you,
You write,
You call,
You even say I Love You!
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10 Visitor Comments

i like this one it describes me!good job
It's true, I always wrote my girl poems, and she never ever wrote back. She felt she couldn't write. Finally after she got the courage to write, she gave me a poem. I couldn't believe how beautiful it was. Thanx for the momory, keep up the good work! From a poet to a poet!
Sooooooooo true. Same as my ex-bf. When we were together, he wasnt luv me enough but now when we broke up, he phone+ text+email me to say not aday pass by he doesnt think about me. And even says HE LOVE ME. hahahhahah. Why_men_behave_badly that's my question and i made it my nick.
This is a tight poem and girl please shake this old haters off and keep doing whay you are doing.
I thought your poem was great. Dont let stupid people that have no idea about poetry discourage you. You did an awesome job I loved it. Keep up the good work.
awsome! awsome! much props to the poet. love your poem. clever! i know what you were feeling thus i was feeling the same about one summer ago. great poem. ! love it
i love this poem
this is like me & mah boyfriend! if a send him a couple notes, he doesn't answer. even if i send him 1 note, he doesn't. One time wen i sent him no notes, & didn't call him he said he luvs me!& he neva calls me(only wen hes mad at me) & wen we hang up da phone, we usally say 'luv ya!', but last time we we're on da phone he didn't say it:(
I think this was a horrible poem. How could you put some thing like this in your web site it is an embarasment
The poem is very simply and straight to the point. It's good, but it is also very common sense and obvious. Simplicity means a lot.

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