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This is a poem about a boy that I go to school with. I have had a crush on him for 3 years, and we have become really good friend. I am scared that if we move onto the next level of love we will loose our friendship - and that is a life-altering thing when you are 17 years old.

I Know I Can't Have You

Everything was simple
Everything was fine
I knew I couldn't have you
And I knew why

I tried to move on
I dated other guys
But then we'd hang out
And I knew, to myself I lied.

You noticed me drifting
You said "please explain"
But, I didn't want to loose you
So, I tried to deal with the pain.

It's hard to be with you
It gets harder each day
When I look in your eyes
I feel my body floating away

I miss the way it used to be
You don't feel the change
You don't know I really love you
I'm sure to you, it's just a game

As I close my eyes tonight
I'll pray as I was taught to do
I'll pray that you realize that
I love you, but I can't have you
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163 Visitor Comments

awEsOme pOem!. it reaLLy reminDs me wHen i wAs a 4th yEar high scHoOL. i havE a cRuSh on a gUy. thOugh i kNow he cAnt faLL for mE. he cant bE minE. saD bUt tRue!
i luvvvvvv iiiiiiiiiittttttttt!
Oh my word this poem is so true to so many girls. hand in there angel some day he'll realise that you do have feelings for him. i felt the same way about my best guy friend mat i've known him for 11 years i love him so much but just some friendships are so much better then relationships. . . keep your head up love and remember no man is worth your tears and the one who is wont make you cry! love ya
this poem describes how i feel aboout this guy[one of my bff]. i'v known him like 4ever, but i can never tell him dat i lke him becasue i'm afraid if i tell him he would treat me differently or tellin him would ruin our friendship. i've lwayzz planned 2 tell him, but i rlly dont hav d guts 2. dis poem is the best poem that i've ever read
I loved this poem it is so true i have the same relationhip with a friend of mine. I have had a crush on him for three years and we are now very very close friends.
I love this poem, because it expresses just how i feel. i really like this guy but i cant have him-he doesnt have the same beliefs as me. i wish it didnt matter but it does, beause my faith in god isnt about a routine every sunday it affects all my choices in life and how i treat others- he wud never understand this part of me, a big part of me. Therefore i shouldnt really go out with him. it wudnt be good for me. yet i want him to know. o love is so tireing and complex
I actually sat down at the computer today to Google up a poem, lyrics, anything that would help me get through a problem much like your own. In your simple, sweet poem, my heart went 'twang' and I know now, I can get through this. Thank you.
I like this guy. a LOT, but we barely even know each other, and I KNOW he'd never go for me. he could go for any girl he wants! Anyways, he's got a girl that is WAY more worthy of him than me. and I can't even hate her for it becaus EI love her as much as he does. Anyways. it always helps to read poems like this. Thanks!
this poem made me think of the love i had for one of my good friends but i counldnt have him because he had someone elas
I Luved LuVed LovEd it! Awesum waii of expressin urself! I LUVED LUVED LOVED it!
very weldone, im gointh though the same thing but with a girl. so i can understand.
i think this poem is sooo. good
this poem is a great poem i love it is realy good to me
I love this poem! I am going through this exact same thing with a guy right now. I am a poet myself, but sometimes I just want to read, not write. Anyway, thank you very much.
this peom touched me it really did thank you for writting this
I really loved this poem i have the same exact thing happening with me and a few other guys at mi skool ahhhh. Mariah Borjon 100 out of a 10
great poem!
that was great i fell like that some times to
omg princess i absoloutly loved your poem because it describes my relashion ship to but instead of loving them 4 three years i have known him since pre-school and i love him so much but i couldnt go out with him and he doesnt know i love it him but to make it worse i am kinnda goin out with his friend but i love him but i cant tell him it sux i wrote a poem to but i cant put mine on sites because there not good enough well i just wanna let u know u touched me with ure poem i love it maybe . if u love sum one u should tell them because u neva know they mite like u back . xoxox KiMmI
i love this poem its so true there is a guy named dustin that i really love in i no i can never have him but i hope one day he will reallise how much i love him!
omfg i luv this poem so much. it is so true about this kid tht i like!i luv u 4 makin this poem. even tho i dont no u but thts okay! n is this like about some1 u like in like real life or juss somthin u made
hey this is just like me, there is a boy we are good friends but i also like him a lot and i know that i want have him b/c of that is my x-boyfriend friend and i know i couldn't have him b/c it would destory there friendship and maybe ours too. and now i found out my best used 2 go with him and now i know i couldn't have him b/c of that now all i can do is just look at him now as i good friend. And i love ur poem it is very much like what i'm going turn right now. but continue on gurl writting ur poems,ur a good poet.
I know how you feel, I'm 17 too and in the same situation. I feel he likes me but I just don't have the courage to find out. Good luck!
this poem is so cute i could really realte myself to it if i had read it last year cuz i was in the same situation
Hey, your poem was amazing & I can completly relate. There is a guy I like and we're the best of friends and as much as I want to be with him I don't want to risk the friendship.
I Liked This Poem. I Was Feeling Down At The Time Thinking about this boy who is a mate but i wish was something more as well. But he has a girlfriend!. Its so confussing because i know im only young but still. And also when me and him are alone we have to bestest times together!x And He has told me he is falling for me 2. but then a couple of days ago i went out with my mates and he was there with his girlfriend and he was sooo horrible to me and them to was all other each other. i wanted to world to eat me!
This poem touched me becoz Im also facing the same problem but I cant say I will not have him becoz I am praying that I do get him
Wow! This is exactly how i feel about the guy i like, except, now he knows i like him, were still really good friends.
This is a really good poem it means a lot to me that someone out there feels the exact same way as i do.
thats sad. hopefully you can get around that situation and try to move the friendship a level up. i know how you are feeling. trust me! ~mary~
i love this poem it really really touched me i have the same problem with a kid at me school and i love him to death but i have known him sence elementry school i love this kid and you poem really really really really really really touched me! thank you very much
This poem really touched me! It sounds exactly how i feel now!
I really liked this poem. It reminded me of a poem I wrote about an ex boyfriend of mine.
great. really great
wow i love that poem it explains exactly how i feel about a guy right now thankyou so much for letting me know im not the only person who feels like that. you are a wonderful poet.
awww. i love your poem. its so tounches. so yeah. keep it up. bye
This is a beautiful poem. its great
i like this poem it remind me of this guy and i now i wondern if i could have him
i love your poem. it's like a reflection of the situation that i am living right now. Princess you are the BEST poet writter ever!
This poem really touched my heart. Because it's like a reflection of my life. I really like a special person but I know I can't have that person. It really hurts deep inside and knowing that other people feel the same way as I do makes me feel much better. I love your poem!
this is such a good poem. omg i can relate to this one hundred and ten percent. good job to the writer. amazing talent, i love to write as well and i really like this one!
Dearest, I am in your same position. Except I have dated this guy. and I love him with all my heart. And I know he doesnt like me the way he wants me to, but since i have broken up with him i have done a lot of stupid stuff. And it has been 3 1/2 years! So dont feel bad hunnie. i know what you are going through. just take time. and you will get through this!
this poem really meant alot considering i can relate to it b/c im just now going through the same
I really liked your poem. I love a boy i can't have and we did go out but he cheated on me but i can't help loving him. Even though he has hurt me, i just can't stop loving him!
it's very frank and concise.
I really like ur poems there so nice and true. Im really heart and ur poeams make me better
i loved this poem, i feel the same way, he was my first bf and he broke my heart but i still love him and its so hard to date other guys, cuz i love him so much
I think your poem is very touching, I nearly cried. I know what it's like loving someone. Keep up the good work
This is a nice loving poem. I rate it a 10.
I love your poem, I'm in the same situation with my friend, Josh. I like him and I told him that, and ever sence it's been really weird between us. So your poem nails what I've been feeling for what feels like forever. Thanks for writting it!
hey. i love the peom. it's so cute.
Baby girl
Ohhhhhh this poem is so tru in my life. This boy I hang around with at school and he is always taken bur never by me
i loved this poem. it expressed what ive been feeling and put me at easr
It touched me, because of my ex boyfriends age and my age. I could go to jail for statory rape, and it scares me. This touched me more then any other poem. I Just want to be with my ex boyfriend again, but I can't because of that one reason. :'( and I can't seem to move on either.
I love this poem. It reminds me of what i am going through with my brothers best freind. I am really good freinds with him and I cannot possibly go out with him because of my brother. You have great potential to become a great and famous Auther. Thank you for making me realize that I could not possibly be with this guy because of our relationship. Thank you.
I know exactly how you are feeling, I have the same problem too, the only difference is, I let my relationship go to the next level, if i die tommorow i would have regretted not being with that special person!Follow your heart.
i really like ur poem i and can really relate to it because something like this happened to me and i no exacally how you feel
I love this poem it's very heart warming. Thank-you for posting this poem
It was so preety it pretans to me in alout of way thank you ^_^
I loved this poem because I am currently in the exact situation. I am scared and worried and happy all at once. The sad thing is, I had my chance to be with him and I turned him down because of fear. I naw wish I hadn't done that but it's too late. He now goes with one of my closest friends, so me and him will never be more than simple friends.
I think this was a great poem. I have the same problem with my best guy friend and reading your poem was like reading my heart. It made me feel a little better knowing that im not the only one that feels the same way.
i like diz poem cuz i like a guy, but he has a girl, he say he likes me but we just cant go out cuz that will call cheating.
i think this poem is great i write them myself but have never had the guts to put them on the internet. i can tell you have taken time and alot of effort to do this and i was wandering if i could use it? would you be interested in getting it published as i have friends that are in the industry??? just wanfering. how old are you by the way? i am 16
this poems touched me because i fill that way about someone and he doesnt relize that i love him so much
Hi, oh boy. I'm really heartbroken right now, and i just went on to look at other poems by heartbroken teens, and I just happened to come across yours. Wow, I feel the same, because I'm in love with my bestfriend, Andrew. And it hurts cause I know I cant have him.
This poem is amazing! I think if you were lookin for your talent you found it! This describes a situation that I'm in right now and Im sure you know as well as I do that it's really hard. I just honestly hope that you keep writing because eventually I thikn it could take you somehwere! thanks for sharing this poem on this sight so I had the chance to read it .
I really like your poem it really hurts to love someone you know oyu can't have. I know how it feels. Thanks for writing the poem!11
i loved that poem. it relates to the boy i like. i've known him for a few years now myself. i think that that poem should be announced on air or somethin'!:)
This is the best poem I have ever read. I have this best friend that I feel the same about. We have a long story and it just keeps gettin longer. Everytime I look at him it makes me want him even more.
That was a really good poem. I Know how you feel. I like this boy too, but he's an upper classman and probly hasn't even noticed me. And what makes it worse is that we rid e the same bus. If you havn't already, I day tell him how u feel. U won't loose ur friendship b/c when you start going out he's going to be ur best friend in the whole wide world. thats what a boyfriend is.
well this poem is just the right poem for my loved one so thanks for writing it
I love this poem. I like this guy I can't have but we weren't really friends before I am trying to find the perfect poem!
I definitely think this poem should be #1. It's true in so many love cases. Keep on writing!
i liked this poem because it decribes how i felt about my boy friends best friend~
OMG! i really love your poem. its soo true with one of my friends right now. I've talked to him about how i like him and we both agree to stay friends. but i still hold back to other guys. He doesn't know how much i freakin like him! But your poem rocks! i love it
WOW that was a really good poem, makes me think of my ex byfriend. keep writing poetry because its very good.
This poem made me cry! I am in love with my best friend and your poem brings back so many great memories we have together. I'm also 17 & have liked this guy for 3 years. He's wonderful and we're gonna be friends forever! I'm feeling ya girl!
This is really good. I can relate to it. Good work!
Dat woz wicked! Just like me and my man, Thankz 4 writing it. Peace out.
i really like tho poem. i had an ex bf (lafe) dat dis is soo true about but anwayz nuf bout me i hope u keep writin cuz i really liked dat poem.
this is a cool poem it reminds me of someone and i think it should be #1
i love the poem it sounds like my life 4 years ago i broke up with 1 specail girl that realy touched my heart and over for years she has been the only one on my mind we talk and hang out now an then but i know i will never hold her again
This soooo explains what is going on right now with me. There is this guy in my class, I love him, but I am afraid that if we move on to the next level, that we might lose our friendship
I love your poem keep it up i have the same pain your so coollll and the rest of your poems rock you made me feel better hearing this poem and your others
no hope
great poem it is the same as what is going on with me and one of my best friends and i dont know how much more i can take this poem is great and i really feel it
this poem is what im going through right now and when i read it i just started crying keep up the great poems
It always like that! They are people with no feelings and they don't understand how you feel. I really like your poem very much! I really can relate
hey your poem is awesome! I love it alot . I totally understand how you feel coz i have been through this myself. It is really hard to control your feelings when you get to see him so often.
very good poem
I love this pome i says exacly what i feel about my ex boyfriend we broke up 4 monthes ago but he doent fell th ame any more
This poem is great to my crush.
I just broke up with my girlfriend. I'm only 13, but i know that i love her so much. This poem totally relates because i know i'll never have her. It was very touching. Good work.
I loved your poem because it rock! I remembered about my friend, we were close and now I have a baby with him of course and I was with him since I was in the 9th grade.
i really liked this poem alot, i can totally relate. keep up the awesome work
When I read your poem I was deeply touched. You put my thoughts on paper for me. I know exactly what you were feeling and I know how it hurts to love someone that you just can't have.
oh my gosh.. this poem soo explains what im going thru right now.. it seems like i wrote it its so close. its so hard having to be around them, wanting them but knowing yall cant be together. good luck to ya tho i know its hard
I loved your poem! I use to write-back in the day-but here lately, its kinda gotten away from me. I have a lot of respect for you to post your writings for everyone to relate to. i also admire the wy you can put your emotions into words. Keep up the awesome job, and good luck:)
To tell u the truth I really like this poem, it had alot of rhym in it, also it made sence! Good job!
That was a really nice poem it had a lot of meaning to it and i think everyone has gone through what the author in this poem was trying to say !
I have been trying to find a poem that relates to me really well and when i read the title of this poem i had to read it.I have liked this kid Shannon for just about 4 years now I prey every night that he will realize how much i love him and how much i care and how good i would be to him. Maybe one day i will get my chance. I loved the poem!
thae poem was great i sent you mail on it to.
Hi Pricess I just wanted to say how much I realy Loved your poem "get off your'se get number so call him today before a looky girl finds here know
hey man, i can really relate to this poem
I really loved your poem! I know just how you felt because I was there once and you explained it all with such beauty!
i love this've done such a great describe what i am having now and also knowing that i can't have him in me....just came by to kool your poem is...keep it up!! :)
this poem describes exactly how i feel right now..because i really like this guy, but hes so awesome that i wouldnt wanna lose him as a friend..good work:)
That poem was actually good girl don't u let no one tell u it it's because it is .u go girl. peace-out
i really like this poems because i can relat to this poem it remindes me of this giyu at my school and iwanted to be with him but i can't tell him it is hard
I think she did a great job on this poem and I know how she feels so this is why i voted for princess
Oh my gosh! This is my favorite poem. It discribes how I feel for my best friend who is guy. I like him but I can't have him :*( Keep up the good work!
dear princess, this poem is so tru i am afraid to move on just like you.i have tried to get him to notice but he is too blind to see that all his love should be for me.
your poem said exactly how i feel and practically took the words out of my mouth. im in the same situation. i thought this poem was great..your very talented!
Your poem struck something deep within me and gave me the courage to ask out my best friend who I had a crush on for what seemed like an eternity. Thank you so much for being a truly magnificient writer and giving the world the gift of your wonderful poetry.
I can totally relate to this poem. I am not allowed to date until I'm 18. I like so many guys, but I KNOW I can have them.. It's so sad. I have all these emotions trapped inside, but I can never show them to a guy.. oh well.. in 3 years I can! Again, GREAT Poem.
Great poem i know exactly the feeling.. Follow your heart and listen to what you really want..
I know 100% how you feel. I am in the same situation myself. >(( Because there is a big age difference.. a big one. yet feelings are there.
I really love this poem. There's a guy I know and we're like best friends and we used to date but now he's going out with another girl, and i still love him.
dear princess, i really liked the poem that you wrote it explains everything how i feel about this guy. good luck on your friend!
i can relate to this poem it can show that the person really likes the guys and she knows no matter what she does she knows in her heart that a relationship will never happen .
OMG>....This totally relates to me, I did have a b/f and now that we broke up I wish that he would have never broken up with me, we have been broken up for 4-5 months now, and I still cant get over him, I try to tell him that I stil like him, but whenever I do that he just gets mad so I deal with the pain and keep all the feeling inside of me
This poem showed me how much i really care about my best friend(who is a guy) it just made me relize the truth, i love him, but i cant have him. I thought ur poemw as awsome, and im going to give him a copy.. thanks!
i think that this poem is so good it reminds me of this guy i love and can't have i really think that you are a good writter and i hope to hear more poems from you princess
this poet really states the truth. i think eveyone feels this way, at one time or another!!!
I truly love this song, 'cause it happen to me something like that. And it's like you said it in poem I know the reason why I can't have him...and it hurts, a lot. Sometimes when you found out the true, you wish you never find out what it is.'Cause true hurts more then anything.......
i no how u feel. the moment u c him u r so happy but then u no u can never be with him make u want 2 died.
this poem was very true i felt like crying after i read it. because i'm sort of going through the same thing i have crush on this boy and i being liking him for a while but i'm too scared to ask him.
This reminds me of One friend and i who would never make it as more. He was an angel
This poem explains PERFECTLY how i feel about someone! It almost brings me to tears!
i loved this poem, it was one of the best i've ever read...
oh my god that was the best poem ihave ever read in my life keep up the good work
Hey that was a great poem. Sorry bout the guy, btut I know how you feel. I dated my best friend and unfortunately it didnt work, but luckily we are still friends. Go wtih your heart about him.
This is a really really good poem, my sister and I like it a lot. The pirson who wrote this has a real talent. Keep going with them.
I loved the poem I had the same thing happen to me but you see now i moved and I cant even see my love at a! (but i still loved the poem)
i voted for this poem cause im in the same situation,except he knows now that iv'e liked him for 4 years
This poem was awesome people can totally relate to it! I loved it
I loved this poem because I could really relate to it.
I had a crush on this guy, and I like him alots. However I knew I can't have him.
Great poem!
this is a great poem because it talks about me
This poem reminds me so much of my ex boyfriend and me. The first time i read this poem I started to cry because it "fit" so perfectly. This is the best poem ever!!
I really like this poem because it also kinda express the way of how I feel about this guy I liked for 3 years and we also went to same schoo. So when I read this poem it kinda puts me into the same sitution.
This poem is so awesome because it fits me and the boy I have wanted to be wiht for so long perfect. Princess you are awesome!
This poem is very well written. I fell exactly like that now that me and my b-friend have broken up.
i really liked andunderstood the because i'm going through the same thing
i love this poem cuz it also goes for me and my ex
This poem is very deep in more ways then one. it expresses the way a lot of teenagers feel
i love this poem
I am deeply moved by this poem because I can relate to it.
I was really touched by this peom because it is so true to the problem which i'm having
That is exactly how I feel. I have basically loved this guy since the 7th grade and know we are in the 10th grade and now he tells me that he want to be good friends that can get together and hang out but a few days ago he told me that he was going out with one of my good friends. Now I very depressed!! Very good Poem!!!
This poem was very good! It was also very touching!
This is how exactly i feel about paul someone who i've liked for four years and i know i can't have him. This poem shows how i feel. We are very good friends but i would still like more. I have told him i love him but i don't think he relises that it is true. Thankyou fro showing that i am not the only one with this problem.
This poem relates to they way I feel about my best friend, Jarrod
Heart felt and full of meaning.
This poem fits my feelings for my best friend exactly. It made me feel comfortable knowing that somebody else in the world has these feelings too. I think it is the best poem I have ever read. Thanks for putting it on here!!!
I love this poem and it reminds me of me and this girl I like and think you did a outstanding job.
i like this poems coz it reminds me of this boy whom i love but im afraid for our friendship to last so i just hind this feelin even my hearts ache..
Wow! i think this poem is really awesome and it says exactly how i feel. Wish u good luck with your friend and try to be strong. I think u should tell him how u feel or give him this poem.

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