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This is something I wrote about a girl that I have been in love with since the moment I saw her. The poem expresses my feelings of how much she has control over me and how I would be hers forever if only cupid gave me a chance. We were going out but we kinda broke up recently, but I am still madly in love with her. Her beautiful brown eyes are so enchanting and they are so honest and filled with wonder, and when I look into them, I am reminded that I will always be in love with her, forever.

Sus Ojas

Everyday there is the time
I feel the punishment of some big crime
it makes me sad and makes me weak
when I look, glance, gaze, or peek
into her eyes I love so dear
the same eyes, though, that bring me fear
her eyes so brown, do they see me?
the way I see her, so beautifully
what should I do? what should I wear?
should I go for a bolder style of hair?
no, I cant, I'll just be me
but still I'm not noticed, she does not see
the way I feel when she is close by
the tingling sensation, the feel of a high
it isn't her legs, her hair, nor face
but rather her eyes that bring this disgrace
a witch she must be and I'm under her spell
a spell sparked by her eyes putting me in her hell
If I don't look I have the chance to be free
but those brown eyes are just too beautiful to me
I love you forever, Angel.

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24 Visitor Comments

this is so sweet i'd cry if a guy wrote this about me well probably not but w/e haha
WOW! That was really powerful!
That was so sweet! TEAR :(
Hey i loved you pome it was so good. i say you girlfriend is so happy. i wish my boyfriends did some stuff like that. but nice work.
Its almost exactly like what is happening to me. brown eyes, love her alot and she wont notice me any more. sigh.
I wish more guys were like you! The world would be a better place,& I'm sure someday you'll find a girl who truly loves you. Here's some helpfull hints in the mean-time (from a female w/her own guy issues): 1)Be a man-not a boy 2)don't rush anything - girls scared & run too! 3) WRITE HER POETRY LIKE THAT!
I love your poem! You did a great job! Was it for your girlfriend? If it was, I bet she loved it! I wish my man would write stuff like that to me!
your poem was so touching and unique
Its a great poem. There is one little problem though. in the title. Its not "Sus Ojas" that means "her leaves". its suppose to be "Sus Ojos" which means "her eyes".
Hey that was a great poem but that is not how you spell eyes in spanish you spell it ojos.
That was a great poem. But I have one quesiton. What does "sus ojas" mean?
hey,it really was a fantastic poem,i like it a lot. I truly understand how you feel coz i had been through this before too!
This was a very great poem. It must have alot of meaning to it. I know what you mean about the eyes thing. Forget about the body, its their eys!
Thank you so very much for this poem. I recently asked a girl out, as you said, because her eyes were so beautiful. When she said no, it tore me apart, but this poem helped alot.
This is an awesome poem. You can really tell he has a sweet passion for this girl that he only wants to be loved back. I feel this way all the time. I feel like I try to love someone and never succeed in being loved back.
the poem is very pretty
That poem is so beautiful angel u keep on writing & doin' your thang
I really liked your poem because a person's eyes can tell you how they really feel.It touched me in a special way
I like this poem because I like how he fell in love with her because he loved her eyes. He didn't like her legs, hair, or face but her eyes and i like that about guys. Guys that look into something more than a girl's body.
i love this popem..its just the way i feel towards my boyfriend. because this poem allows people to relate to it very easily, it is more emotional and eye catching
This poem really touched that a male could really feel so deeply about a female and have the gut to teel it. It brought me to tears just to think of someone loving me this hard and I to ignorant to see but as for me that type of will probably never be.
you poem is very sweet i have many that i would ;love to share because my exsperencs are much the same.
Even though I am not a guy, this poem is very strong with the words. I like the choice of words he chose to use, because I know how it feels because the eyes are what see everything, and bring everything that's deep inside out, fear, strength, sadness, happiness, etc. All I wanted to say is this is a strong poem with strong words, and to keep up the good work.
I really like this poem because it explained the love he had for her. He really liked her. I love that this website can provide poems like these because my now boyfriend gave this poem to me from this website and it made me realize how much he cares. Now I have found the love of my life. Thank you so much, I don't know how to thank you. You have made the world a better place.

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