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Christian Poems

Christian Poems

Humanity does not survive by bread alone. Life requires other things, and Faith and Love are amongst them. For many, perhaps for all, they are the only really important things we have.

Christian Poems (1-50)

  • by WhtDove
    How can anyone look into this world and not believe in God?
  • by BSC
    Sometimes when searching for answers, we find them in a quiet night.
  • by snowwhite
    When a path is sought, someone will be sent to lead the way.
  • by BSC
    Our eyes sometimes play tricks on us, but perhaps what we think we're seeing is real.
  • by Sunshine KRJ
    Spiritual guidance is a constant, never ending litany, as this exquisite poem demonstrates.
  • by Jesse Wintonyk
    What makes us doubt God? What makes us believe? Should we believe?
  • by Sunshine KRJ
    A simple look on how simple it really is to share faith.
  • by BSC
    Children will be children. Even, perhaps, when they are also much, much more.
  • by BSC
    Sometimes, a dream can put a smile in your heart.
  • by WhtDove
    The presence of God can never be described by mere mortal words. But still must we try.
  • by Denise Corbley Snyder
    At last, a way out of despair, fear and loneliness, because He loved me.
  • by Sir William James Jaun De La Cruz Lindberg
    Certainty is rarely certain, and simplicity never simple. This insightful and compelling poem is an exploration into Truth.

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  • by John Ferris
    A story known by many, but rarely told quite this way.
  • by John Ferris
    While not one of the better known stories of the New Testament, it's certainly one of the powerful ones.
  • by John Ferris
    Mix King James with a little modern slang, and the result is an old story told in a very new way.
  • by Tommy Q
    This delightful poem, though based in fiction, reveals a very real Truth about those "mysterious ways" in which God works.
  • by Chapa
    Faith isn't something we have, but is rather something we are given. But only if we are willing to accept the gift.
  • by Tommy Q
    God permeates our entire lives - if we but have the wisdom to look.
  • by Tommy Q
    This poem, as surely as the Scriptures that inspired it, prove that there is beauty even in pain, and Grace even in judgement.
  • by Megan Rene
    Life is a constant struggle, especially perhaps for teens. But Christians have a very special ally in their corner.
  • by Bute
    There is no greater example to follow than that of our Lord.
  • by Violet King
    For those with Faith, there is no such thing as "alone."
  • by Adam Herring
    If King Saul wrote poetry today, these might have been the words he penned.
  • by Yurri
    What would you sacrifice to save another's life? What would you give to save their soul?
  • by Carlie
    Perhaps the greatest gift a friend can give is knowledge of the Lord
  • by Kimberly Lapham
    This very talented poet explores an equally deep Truth - we are a reflection of He who created us.
  • by Iman Mashaal
    What we find in death may be a reflection of what we found in Life.
  • by Shauna Keimig
    Mistakes, no matter how terrible, no matter how often, are not the end. Sometimes, they're only the beginning.
  • by Danica
    Faith, by definition, requires no proof.
  • by Alberto La Femina
    God speaks to us all the time. But we only hear Him when we listen.
  • by Zach
    Is there a God? Just look around…
  • by Mindy Carpenter
    We learn as we are taught, and do as we are shown.
  • by Alberto La Femina
    There exists a warmth that has little to do with temperature.
  • by Ruwaida Van Doorsen
    We often turn to God in times of grief, yet forget about Him in times of happiness.
  • by Marie Paradise
    Sometimes our journey through this world gets arduous and we need some relief.
  • by Dan McDonald
    Faith brings great rewards. So, should it really be any surprise to discover that lack of faith will bring equally great costs?
  • by Natalie Strauss
    This poem is about how we are blessed in life, and we sometimes forget.
  • by Jennifer Hepper
    This poet is an ardent believer in God; her words clearly express how inspired she is by Him.
  • by Jennifer Hepper
    Before we find the right answer, we sometimes follow the wrong one.
  • by Mindy Carpenter
    Prayers are important. And, as this poem shows, they can also be beautiful.
  • by Christopher Lee Murray
    This is the story of a young man with problems. And how he found the solution.
  • by John Dawson
    When we're feeling down, about ourselves, about the world, it doesn't take much to bring us lower. Fortunately, it also doesn't take much to take us Higher.
  • by Vicki Lee Bradley
    What would it have been like to stand before the crucifix and see the Truth with your own eyes?
  • by Jennifer Bobrick
    Love between a man and woman is important. But not as important as the Love of God…
  • by Kecia Eaddy
    Beauty can be defined by many thing. Even, or especially, Faith.
  • by Ludie
    There are many differences between humanity and animals. Like our ability to question. And to believe.
  • by Geri Mooren
    The love of God can be seen everywhere you look.
  • by Rosebud
    The hope and joy and love of the Christmas season are emotions we should all share throughout the year...
  • by Rosebud
    God's gifts to us and his teachings are timeless - and certainly not to be confined to the Christmas season...
  • by Lana Springer
    Faith comes to us in ways we might least expect. Through the loss of a dear friend, this poet found God...
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