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Poems on Life (51-100)

  • by Tammie Townsend
    This delightful poem captures the hectic, even chaotic, rhythms inherent in the life of a modern woman.
  • by John LeClare
    Of all the negative emotions, hate is the most dangerous.
  • by Judy Burnette
    Perhaps it's the definition of human nature - we always want more.
  • by Violet King
    Whether rich or poor, there is one thing we all have in equal measure. And it may be the only thing in our lives of any real value.
  • by Michael Casamassa
    The daily routines of Live can have a darker side, for those willing to look.
  • by Christie White
    If everyone asks the same question, why do we have so many different answers?
  • by Joanna Dela Rosa
    Life changes us, in ways good or bad, and this lovely poem explores one such change.
  • by Justice
    Mementos are a precious gift we give to ourselves.
  • by Bondy
    If youth is wasted on the young, then perhaps introspection is and regret are symptoms of maturity.
  • by Wag
    It's easy to become discouraged. But hope just plain feels better.
  • by Leah
    When your mind wanders to the past, do you think of the good times or the bad?
  • by Molly Barry
    A lack of independence can impact both the way see others and the way we see ourselves.

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  • by Faye Jones
    Is there a simple answer to the teen violence?
  • by Harmony
    If you could touch Love, would it be wet?
  • by Marge Tindal
    Friendship and Love have much in common. Both, for example, require more than a little bit of effort if we're to keep them alive.
  • by T.l. Post
    There is a difference between childish and childlike. A difference we shouldn't forget.
  • by Todd-Michael St. Pierre
    Inspired by a poetic visionary, crafted by a visionary poet, this powerful poem will touch your life. And, perhaps, change it.
  • by Todd-Michael St. Pierre
    Alone, often forgotten, there are still people in this world that need you. And they have much to offer in return.
  • by Brian Emerson
    We can choose the direction of our lives, or we can accept the defaults thrust upon us. But if we decide to make our choices we're faced with the inevitable question: How?
  • by Carey Lenehan
    The best things in Life end, only to begin anew.
  • by Carey Lenehan
    Childhood is a special time, of special memories, especially when spent in a very special place.
  • by Celia Moodie
    This beautifully written metaphor reveals a singular Truth - often we look too hard for what we already posses.
  • by Rebecca Drollinger
    Do you search for happiness? If so, there is a very real and rare Truth for you within this poem.
  • by Melissa Roberts
    Anger can destroy friendships. And, sometimes, people too.
  • by Chase
    Everybody is special, whether or not they believe it.
  • by Heidy Schmidt
    Jealousy can destroy relationships and, too often, the people in them.
  • by Morgan Russell
    It's easy to become lost in the multitudes surrounding us.
  • by James R. Belleforte
    Most experience the dream, none the reality. And yet, still we dream.
  • by Charlotte O'connor
    If you've ever survived the ravages of Nature, you know the memories - and fear - will always remain with you.
  • by Belinda Schuler-chin
    We all cherish Freedom. But some cherish it only as a dream of what might be.
  • by Faye Jones
    When we judge others, it is often through the tinted glass of our own past. But there is an alternative.
  • by Crystal Kniss
    No matter how much love we give, sometimes we have to save a little for ourselves.
  • by Krysta Wagner
    "It's a dog's life" isn't always a good thing.
  • by Sondee
    All Truths are beautiful. Some are also fairly short.
  • by Vincen Tabatha
    Everyone is different. And everyone's the same. The sooner we learn that Truth, the sooner the world can become a better place.
  • by Amanda Jordan
    We all have fears. This poem is about one of them. And how one poet deals with the fear.
  • by Robin Torgerson
    What you see is rarely what you get. Especially when the subject is about people.
  • by Jordan
    There are many, many questions in Life. And, sometimes, too few answers. But maybe that's okay. Maybe the questions are more important than the answers.
  • by TJ Chamberlin
    To understand Life, perhaps we first must understand Love.
  • by Nancy Ness
    Can we make a difference for the future?
  • by Olivia
    Opportunities abound in life. Courage, on the other hand, is often harder to find.
  • by Ruwaida Van Doorsen
    What is that makes a person seem beautiful?
  • by Randall Beers
    The path we choose to take influences each step we take.
  • by Randall Beers
    Lost youth can never be recaptured. But, with the help of a special place, it can be remembered.
  • by Ocean
    Would anyone be so quick to hate if they but realized the personal cost?
  • by Lauren Rosskam
    Life is filled with contradictions. Maybe that's what it means to be alive?
  • by Alison Rotmark
    If we are to help others, perhaps we need only give of ourselves.
  • by Melton Culberth
    Perhaps the only real security in Life lies in your own hands, not those of others.
  • by Amanda Jenkins
    It's never too late to changeā€¦
  • by Ted Reynolds
    Lives touch, then separate, but are never really forgotten. Is there someone out there looking for you?
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