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Teen Poems about Life (51-62)

  • by Roche
    Being an individual - yourself - is more important than following the latest trends.
  • by Jaime Hickman
    Wisdom isn't always reserved for the elders. Sometimes, the young learn very quickly how Life works.
  • by La-la
    When life isn't easy and things are going badly, it's very normal to want more.
  • by Amanda
    For some, the very simple things of Life are the stuff of dreams.
  • by Tom Harris
    Things change from one generation to the next, but one thing seems to remain the same. The music is always different in each generation, but it always is an important part of adolescent life.
  • by Georgia Christoforou
    Have you figured out what life is, yet?
  • by Molly Hudak
    There are ways to deal with pain. And ways to grow and learn from it, too.
  • by Yu Angel
    We all find frustrations in life. That's normal. And sometimes there can be only one answer…
  • by Alesha Faulkner
    How do adults view teens? How do teens view adults viewing teens? Maybe it's time to sit down and talk…
  • by Daisyska20
    Don't worry. I suspect, the poem answers the very question it asks…
  • by Mai
    They say being born is the most traumatic experience you'll ever know. Maybe. But adolescence has to come darn close.
  • by Kat Skye
    Sometimes what we pray for, isn't really want we need.

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