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Friendship Poems (51-100)

  • by Ryan Jennings
    A unique image can sometimes reveal important Truths. Explore, for a moment, the sands of your life.
  • by Janice Wolf
    True friendship is such an invaluable part of our lives. We should always take the time to appreciate those that we have.
  • by Dolores Lee
    Sharing special moments with a friend, relating soulfully to one another, and sharing poetry, is surely enhanced by the seduction of a waterside tryst.
  • by Christine
    Saying goodbye to a dear friend is never easy. But, sometimes, it's the only right thing to do for them.
  • by Cynthia Kepp
    Sometimes, friendship is fleeting. But that makes it no less important.
  • by Emily Fessler
    Friendship is very . . . natural?
  • by Ryan Waege
    We all need to say it more often. And, maybe this beautifully.
  • by Bernice Ellrick
    This delightful poem uses metaphor after metaphor, to explore just how very important one human being can be to another.
  • by H. Lamb
    This is a very simple, very beautiful poem. About friendship and love. But, also, with a very complex and equally beautiful Truth.
  • by Veronica Ann Cech
    What is friendship? Oh, so many things…
  • by Kim Crow
    We establish very, very close ties with our childhood friends. We share some our most special times with them - times none of us will ever forget.
  • by Jordanna Tillinghast
    True love - or true friendship? When the two are one and the same, we are blessed, indeed...

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  • by Becky Williams
    Friendship means sharing things - even the writing of a poem.
  • by Becky Williams
    What should you be willing to do for a friend?
  • by Sheila Blair
    A metaphor is a powerful tool, especially when it's handled with such beauty and wonderful insight.
  • by Robert S. Bise
    This poem will delight you as much with its structure and rhythm as with its wonderful message.
  • by Pauline Hamblin
    Given fourteen years of friendship, just how well could get to know another person?
  • by A. Mother
    When a young friend has doubts, what advice might you offer?
  • by Rossdale Gabrielle
    When you care about a friend, really care, it's hard to watch them make mistakes. Especially the same mistakes again.
  • by Intimate Knight
    Sometimes we have to learn to accept friendship. And learn to be a friend in return.
  • by Heather Stoop
    Friendship can be very beautiful. And it can be very beautifully expressed.
  • by Trudy Starling
    This poem is a very feel-good way to tell another that they have a friend.
  • by Rima Darkstar
    What larger metaphor for a beautiful friend could a writer find?
  • by Joe Leblanc
    When you have a special friend, you need to tell them so…
  • by Judy Burnette
    Don't ever make the mistake of thinking words of friendship are unnecessary.
  • by Tabby
    Perhaps the greatest gift you can give a friend is the sense they are not alone.
  • by Lynn Smiley
    Friends can have a big impact on our lives. And it never hurts to say thank you…
  • by April Gore
    This well-crafted poem describes one of the greatest treasures ever found - the sharing gift of friendship.
  • by Lauriel Mariondatter
    What benefits do we derive from friendship? For some, perhaps more than you might think.
  • by Kit McCallum
    When we realize we might lose a friend to illness, we begin to realize just how precious friendship can be.
  • by BSC
    Friendship means having someone to help and never having to be alone.
  • by Shane Downing
    Trouble is a time for friends to come together, and grow together.
  • by Nicole George
    Poetry doesn't always have to serious and use big, lyrical words to express a Truth. Sometimes simple yet beautiful promises are enough…
  • by Randy Guilhas
    One of the greatest joys of Life is to watch a friend grow and unfold into a better person. And to know, perhaps, you offered some small assistance…
  • by Rosebud
    A good friend can be many things…
  • by Katherine James
    When a teenager says, "Longer than a phone call," you have to know she means a very long time…
  • by Alissa Beal
    Deep, abiding friendship isn't always easily found. But, still, we look…
  • by Sir Shotgun
    What is a friend? Do you think you know the answer?
  • by Hope
    Our friends give us many things, but this delightful poem speaks of one of life's most precious gifts…
  • by Tanyo
    This is a joyful, clever poem about two people who have found friendship and recognize it as a precious gift.
  • by Katherine James
    Friends don't always agree with each other. They fight and bring each other pain. But how much worse is the pain if there is a chance they may never have the time to resolve their differences?
  • by Katie Kompinski
    This poem speaks of a particular bond of friendship, but in so doing it speaks also of all such bonds.
  • by Amanda Jenkins
    Friendship is important to all of us, but sometimes we need reminders. This poem offers one rather difficult to ignore…
  • by Malcolm Coleman
    Friends help friends, through both the bad -- and the good!
  • by Andrea Hill
    Friendship is defined by people and shared experiences. Not by distance.
  • by Chuck Pool
    It is, perhaps, part of humankind's nature to seek the reasons behind things. Even things like friendship.
  • by Misty Mischelle Snyder
    There are many beautiful and wonderful things in this world that can bring us joy. But all of them are multiplied many times over when shared…
  • by Hope
    Neither Rome nor Great Friendships were built in a day. This poem explores a very simple, and often overlooked, Truth - to build big, we must start small and never stop.
  • by Kimmie
    Sometimes we find friendship in unexpected quarters…
  • by Hope
    Life changes, directions change, but good friends always remain.
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