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Love Poems (51-100)

  • by Karin Schaefer
    While everyone is different, Love is about sharing those differences.
  • by Red
    This enchanting poem weaves words around two great beauties and one fervent hope.
  • by Lheiyrah
    It's easy to say, "I trust you." Yea, but how far does trust extend?
  • by Tazita
    Love has a very sneaky way of find us when we least expect it.
  • by Lisa Marie
    Love can coexist with many other emotions. But it doesn't mix well with Confusion.
  • by Jennifer Stangel
    A true passion that burns within your soul is one that can never be put out.
  • by Zach Toelke
    When separated by distance and time, two hearts can ride a roller coaster of being together - then apart.
  • by Karin Schaefer
    Love can give direction to purpose to Life. And, perhaps, meaning as well.
  • by Sandi Vander Sluis
    Every relationship is a mixture of good and bad times. Which we remember largely defines how we see our love.
  • by Kathleen Sheppard
    Trust, like love, is not a conscious decision we make. It must be born, and grow, within the human heart.
  • by C Mahon
    Even when love seem far away, and longing is a constant companion, there is always hope. For tomorrow.
  • by Karin Schaefer
    If Love is an instinctive need and desire, then why does it take us so long to learn to do it well?

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  • by The Drewid
    Only another writer could sympathize with the compulsion described in this delightful poem.
  • by Jaimie D. Travis
    Music and love have much in common, and it's not at all unusual to find they overlap.
  • by Seashell
    Sometimes, the only thing better than a beginning - is a new beginning.
  • by Kelleah
    It's difficult enough to see within our own heart. How, then, can we hope see within another's?
  • by Thomas
    The time for love is anytime - any year, any day or any second. Time itself is time for lovers.
  • by Seashell
    The words "I love you" can be spoken in many, often silent, ways.
  • by Peggy Smith
    Love, like so much in life, takes time. It's so common, if fact, we have a special word for it. We call in longing.
  • by Glenda McGarity
    One can cite statistics, and quote all the long odds, but the fact remains - some do beat those odds.
  • by Wulfgar
    There are instances in life when Love is circumscribed within the boundaries of a single moment - any yet, lives forever.
  • by Peggy Smith
    There is, perhaps, no pain or loss so great it cannot be healed by the magic power of love.
  • by Dale Whipple
    There is magic in Love, a magic that can transcend mere Earthly problems and reach to very gates of Heaven.
  • by Rosalie Rodriguez
    An old poem for an old love becomes a new poem. For a renewed love?
  • by Katy Schepis
    Giving a rose to someone is a tradition as old as poetry, and for some perhaps as meaningful.
  • by Faith
    Love is more than just a warm, fuzzy feeling. In a very real sense, it can define our very lives. For both good and bad.
  • by Anyway
    Love is many different things to many different people. Including illusive.
  • by Judy Burnette
    There are two kinds of memories. Those we have, from the past, and those we will have, from a loving future together.
  • by Darrell York
    A love that endures for twenty-five years is still composed entirely of moments in time. Very special moments.
  • by Violet King
    There are some secrets that are meant to be shared, rather than remain forever hidden.
  • by Micheale MacPherson
    Another word for absence - is longing.
  • by Jen Farmer
    There comes a time when "trying" isn't the only answer, or even the right one.
  • by Dreams
    We look at those we love in many lights, but perhaps none more innocent or beautiful than when they sleep.
  • by John Selfridge
    Nature is filled with many kinds of attractions, all with similarities. And, perhaps, differences.
  • by Judy Burnette
    Nothing in the Universe is constant. Except, maybe, love.
  • by Violet King
    A solid relationship is based on many things, only one of which is Love.
  • by John Seabrook
    Distance makes time grow longer and hearts grow closer.
  • by Sass
    This delightful poem explores an equally delightful place, one that exists for each of us - if we're but willing to search for it.
  • by Emma Johannsen
    This delightful poem explores a very, very common path of Love. Things aren't always as they seem.
  • by Manaia
    With love, there can be no holding back. It's all or nothing.
  • by Spanish Eyes
    Glasses don't help, when the one you love is blind.
  • by Susan Miller
    Obsessions, they tell us, are bad things to have. But every rule must have an exception…
  • by Daniel Culpepper
    It doesn't always require a lot of words to express wonder and wishes.
  • by M. Byron Stone
    In life, time is measured in hours and seconds. In Love, though, it can be measured only in heart beats.
  • by Tara
    What if the one you're with isn't the one in your dreams?
  • by Julia Reed
    Maybe wedding vows should really be called "Life" vows
  • by Tj
    All good things take time. Especially love.
  • by Jeff
    A kiss is a beginning. One that can sometimes lead to many years of kisses.
  • by Jason Showalter
    Sometimes the greatest impediment to love - is love.
  • by Kayla
    Is love a feeling? Or can it sometimes be a vision, too?
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