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Sad Poems (51-100)

  • by Jodie Scheitel
    Watching someone who once loved you - moving on with their own life - is a very difficult experience to endure.
  • by Jessica Camp
    If only we could always have the wisdom we acquire from experience. This poet would certainly have benefited...
  • by Holly
    This poem metaphorically likens not uncommon emotions to the patches of a quilt.
  • by Susan
    Someone who has been badly hurt in love, is likely to hide their emotions and make it difficult for anyone to get close again.
  • by Sweet Madness
    Do we always recognize a "soul mate" when we encounter them? This wonderful poet delves into this age old question.
  • by John Laset
    Being in love often finds us in a situation where we live our lives as much for our loved one as for ourselves.
  • by Embrya
    This poem is a wonderful metaphor, comparing life to the beauty of a rose.
  • by Karleen
    When love is lost, memories can be comforting... or become something else entirely.
  • by Tess Templer
    To be less than honest with another is to drive a permanent wedge between, especially when it's dishonesty with a lover.
  • by John Laset
    When you lose someone you love, you invariably lose an important part of yourself.
  • by Annie
    New love - It can be both the most wonderful and the most frightful experience we can have...
  • by Terry Bernard
    There are times when the night brings a darkness not of vision, but a darkness of the heart. And those nights, when they come, seem to last forever.

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  • by Judy Burnette
    Does the decision to end a romance come from the heart? Or from the mind?
  • by Margaret
    You can deceive others, you can even deceive yourself, but you can never fool Reality.
  • by Kiv
    Asking questions can sometimes be more important than finding answers.
  • by Ladycat
    Computers may be getting smarter and smarter; but they haven't figured out how to hug us yet…
  • by Liz
    We can look to each other for support in life, but in the end - we must help ourselves...
  • by Lisa Teller
    This poet hopes that in reading this poem you will send it to someone you know, and hopefully save a life.
  • by Poetic
    As we grow older, perhaps wiser, we gain much in the way of growth. But, too, there is something always lost.
  • by Roche
    Sometimes you have to take risks; and when you fail, all you can do is try to heal.
  • by Liza Marie
    How we react to pain can lead us in some unexpected - and ultimately unhealthy - directions.
  • by Llano
    Each of us has our own obstacles to overcome in life. There may just be as many ways to interpret this poem as there are readers...
  • by Debbie Dixon
    When we make mistakes, in love or life, we pay a price in the denomination called pain. This poem explores that price, in a haunting and beautiful way.
  • by Leigh Anne Dawson
    There is a quiet strength in this poem, though shadowed by the pain.
  • by Nicole Sotelo
    Is life like a happy party? And if so, what happens when everyone goes home?
  • by Veronica Ann Cech
    Some people cry openly, and some hide their pain. Which are you? And Why?
  • by Twist
    We are all born with a fear of death. It is only later, as we grow older, that we learn there are greater things to fear.
  • by Kristie
    Unconditional love is rare. Truly loving another person means being supportive of them - even when their life is in turmoil.
  • by Alan Jacobs
    When we give gifts freely to others, it often seems that they aren't truly appreciative. Perhaps our giving is really equally as important to our own personal serenity.
  • by Chris Yandle
    This poem incorporates some wonderful imagery and explores the depths of the imagination...
  • by James W. Richardson
    This is a beautifully crafted poem, of a time long past. But not forgotten.
  • by Je ' Free
    A broken heart is a prison. But prisons are things from which we can still escape.
  • by Angell
    Patience is a virtue. Or is it?
  • by Amber Victoria
    Sometimes, children learn the wrong lessons from their parents.
  • by Nikki
    Understanding the past, and making sure others understand it, is the first step towards building a new future.
  • by Rima Darkstar
    Maybe we need a category for dark humor?
  • by Nitetiger
    Loneliness has absolutely nothing to do with other people.
  • by J. Kaiser
    This poet set out on a journey of discovery. And found answers he didn't like.
  • by Anna Mckenzie
    This lovely poem is a courageous goodbye.
  • by Misty Rayne
    When it feels as if life is crushing you, sometimes your greatest desire is to simply be left alone.
  • by Misty Rayne
    This well-crafted poem explores feelings of loss, and the grief that will seemingly never end.
  • by Raven
    When really bad things happen to good people, a friend can make all the difference.
  • by Darcy
    You must love yourself before you can accept the love of others.
  • by Steven Solis
    Marriages end. Husband and Wife suffer and try to understand. But maybe it's the children who suffer the most, the children who can never quite understand.
  • by Voiller Luxom
    Saying goodbye to a friend isn't easy. And sometimes our good-byes, like our emotions, don't make perfect sense.
  • by Simon Agamemnon
    Circumstances of life sometimes force us to be away from those we love.
  • by Lisa Roberts
    There are many kinds of pain in Life, from child birth to death, but only one that can never be healed. Only obliterated…
  • by Lloyd Klumpp
    This is a very poignant poem exploring the pains and repercussions of infertility. And of guilt.
  • by Tina K
    This poem reminds me of a comedy skit, about our innate pursuit of "things" in Life. Except -- the truth revealed here isn't really very funny.
  • by Tina K
    This poem is deep and moving, not easily grasped on a first reading, and well worth your time and effort to understand. We all have regrets, and these are not uncommon ones…
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